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Hey everyone we are back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends, while also getting a lot of great tech gadgets from Santa!

In this episode, we talked with Mike Wilkerson from 2GuysTalking.comWe covered many of the things that 2GuysTalking does, and of course what sorts of equipment they use for recording their numerous podcasts that truly does cover all sorts of subjects.

If you like movies and TV shows (Who doesn’t really?), head on over to to hear what Mike and his group have to say!

You can also find more from Mike Wilkerson over on his personal website,

Our app picks of the week were:


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Recorded on December 12, 2013

Tonight we are joined by the self proclaimed "Social Sparkplug", Allison Babka!

We will be talking about various subjects such as:

  • Social Media
  • Freelancing
  • Writing
  • Video Production
  • and who knows what all else (Brady Bunch anyone?)

You have likely see her work in the Riverfront Times and if you are into St. Louis social media, you have probably already heard her name. If you have not, then now is the chance to meet Allison!

As always, feel free to contacts us at

Hey potential sponsors! Are you looking to get your name heard by our audience? Then email to get more information on how you can do just that.


Show Notes

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Recorded on December 5, 2013

Guests - Jered Schneider & TJ Gaylord from Pounds Media

In episode 11, JJ & Kevin had the opportunity to interview Jered & TJ from Pounds Media who do some amazing video work here in the St. Louis area.

Some of the clients that Pounds Media have done video work for are:

  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • St. Louis Ambush
  • Dogtown Pizza

If you would like to learn more about Pounds Media or to have them do some work for your business or event, head over to to get more details.

Of course we have our News Rundown and Apps of the Week segments.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

In this episode JJ and Kevin "catch up" a bit on what turned out to be a very busy month of November. With all the devices and gadgets that came out, to the St. Louis Days of .NET conference, it was a crazy fun month!

A few of the subjects we covered:

  • Moto G
  • Selling your things on eBay
  • Kevin bought a Surface RT
  • PS4 and Xbox One
  • JJ has a Lumia 920 that "blue screened"
  • Develop basic Android and iOS apps using
  • Black Friday safety

To submit questions email them to

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Tonight we will be joined by Roderick Scott from to talk about some of best deals to look for next week on “Black Friday” and what will be some of the more popular gifts for the tech fan in your life.

It does not hurt to get a little something for yourself though does it?

We also are introducing Vince Mahtani as a new member of STLTechTalk who will, from time to time, write some articles for the site and join us on future shows as well.

Of course will also have the “News Rundown” and our apps of the week to mention as well, plus a few other nice surprises to share!

We hope you enjoy it and hope you share us with your friends and family!

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In this episode JJ and Kevin were joined by Nokia Developer Ambassador Team Lead Rich Dunbar and Scott Spradlin, Microsoft MVP and St. Louis Days of .NET conference co-organizer and talked about the upcoming St. Louis Days of .NET developer conference that is happening November 14-16 at the Ameristar Casino & Resort in St. Charles MO.

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Tonight Kevin and JJ talk with Heath Mitchell of to talk about iOS and Android developing and what would be some good ways to get started making your own apps for either platform.

Also on tap will be the news rundown of 10 stories that caught our attention from the last week, and of course, our App of the Week selections.

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Hmm, watch Game 1 of the World Series (Go Cards!) or watch the latest episode of the STLTechTalk podcast?

Decisions, decisions right?

I know, why not watch both at the same time?

Join Kevin and JJ tonight as they recap all of the news from yesterdays Nokia World and Apple events.

New iPads, new Nokia Lumia devices, apps, OS X Mavericks, MacBook Pro laptops and more!

Live tonight @ 8pm CST!

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Tonight Kevin and JJ talk with Jenn Cloud about the latest trends in social media.

Also, we will have the news rundown from the last week and of course, our Apps of the Week picks.

If you have any questions you would like to submit for tonight, feel free to email them to

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Tonight Kevin and JJ talk with Andrew Long of about the world of mobile app development and how people can get started themselves.

Also, we will have the news rundown from the last week and of course, our Apps of the Week picks.

If you have any questions you would like to submit for tonight, feel free to email them

To submit questions live during the show, please visit the event page over at Google+ here and join in the Q & A session

To view apps created by Andrew Long, make sure to visit the Windows Phone page here to take a look at some of his work.

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Join Kevin Harvell and JJ Hammond as they discuss some of the latest news in the world of technology.

Tonight we will also be talking with Terrance Gaines, aka “BrothaTech” from to hear his thoughts on the latest news.

Also on the schedule tonight, prepaid vs contract with your mobile carrier. Which fits your needs better, and have you ever given a thought to prepaid service as an option?

Remember, to submit questions for future podcasts please email them to

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Tonight Kevin Harvell, JJ Hammond and Mark Watson aka “Soldier Knows Best” will rundown the following topics and see where else the nights talk may go!

  • Interview with SoldierKnowsBest aka Mark Watson (1:15)
  • New YouTube commenting system to be powered by Google+ – (14:35)
  • BlackBerry talk (BlackBerry Messenger iOS and Android delay, Fairfax Financial Holdings offer of $4.7 billion) – (17:35)
  • iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C thoughts since release – (24:00)
  • New Microsoft Surface Tablets – (30:24)
  • Twitter chooses New York Stock Exchange over NASDAQ – (34:18)
  • Equipment that SoldierKnowsBest uses for his video reviews – (37:00)
  • Apps of the week – (41:00) – Asphalt 8,
  • Episode summary – (47:00)

Huge thanks to Mark for joining us for this episode!

Make sure to check Mark out at the following locations:

Do not forget to submit any questions for a future podcast to

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The first official podcast of!
Kevin Harvell and JJ Hammond discuss the following subjects and more!

  • Nexus 5 – (1:39)
  • “Newkia” – (9:15)
  • fails when talking about the Nokia Lumia 1020 – (17:15)
  • Windows Phone Meetup at Microsoft Store at the Galleria Saturday September 21st – (21:30)
  • BlackBerry Mobile app for Android and iOS – (24:09)
  • iOS 7 officially released today – (31:10)
  • Twitter IPO and will it change how Twitter treats developers with their API settings – (47:30)
  • Google Wi-Fi password storage on Android devices – (57:00)
  • Windows Phone FIP certification – (1:00:00)
  • Apps of the Week – (1:08:00) – Scoopshot , Dots

To visit the Event page on Google+, click here and you will be able to ask questions that we will try and answer as time allows during the podcast.

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