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We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the organizers of the Parkway Spark! student entrepreneur program in the Parkway school district in west St. Louis county.

In this audio only episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we bring you this compilation of interviews with the above mentioned organizers of the Parkway Spark! program, Jennifer Stanfill & Xanthe Meyer. We also have a pair of talks with some of the students participating in this "out of the box" High School offering to get their thoughts on their experience so far and what got them interested in signing up for the program. Then we finish the talk up with three interviews with different mentors who are volunteering to help guide these young entrepreneurs along.

For more information about the Parkway Spark! program, and how you can get involved, make sure to visit their website at


Mentors Businesses

Todd Weinhaus - &

Tony Spielberg - Red Label Accessories

Carl Trautmann is associated with



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We are joined by Greg Hammond from minMOG Games here on Episode 63 of the STLTechTalk Podcast!


About our guest

Greg Hammond has been involved in creative and management aspects of game development since 1981. Back in 1983, when there were only 6 colors (and nobody complained), Greg and his brother Eric made their mark with Julius Erving and Larry Bird Go One-on-One, the first sports game from Electronic Arts.

Over the past 3 decades, Greg has lead or contributed to the development of more than 35 interactive projects, including games, educational titles, virtual worlds and mobile apps. While working at Lucasfilm Games / LucasArts Entertainment (1989-1991), he produced several award-winning games, including The Secret of Monkey Island, Loom and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.

Greg was awarded Best Producer by his industry peers at the Game Developers Conference in 1991.

After starting a game studio in Novato, CA, in 1991, and creating several original games for SEGA, in 1994 Greg moved with his wife and 3 sons to St. Louis, MO, where he consulted remotely for game companies.

In 2007 Greg directed the design, development and launch of Build-A-Bearville, a web-based kids’ virtual world for Build-A-Bear Workshop in St. Louis. Over the past few years, Greg has been active in mobile app development as a project manager and design consultant for several private clients. Now, as Founder & CEO of minMOG LLC, Greg is excited about the upcoming release of the studio’s first original mobile game (due to release in January, 2015).


News stories discussed


Upcoming events

  • DevOps STL Special Edition - Communication: the secret sauce of DevOps - Thursday, December 11, 2014 @ 6:30 PM being held at Spry Digital 2710 Lafayette Ave, St. Louis, MO
  • Bitcoin at the Pub, County Edition Thursday, December 11, 2014 @ 7:00 PM being held at Syberg's 2340 Old Dorset Rd, St. Louis, MO


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In this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we are joined by Mary Louise Helbig who was recently named CEO of the St. Louis based HealthyMe Mobile Solutions.

What is HealthyMe Mobile Solutions? HealthyMe Mobile Solutions strives to help reduce hospital readmission rates by helping those discharged from the hospital keep up with their recommended discharge plans. Currently the service is geared towards those with diabetes, but they are looking to expand to include future services in 2015.

For a full explanation, make sure to listen to Mary Louise explain everything HealthyMe has to offer you.

If you would like to demo this product, you can do so simply by texting "HealthyMe" to 84700 (this is at no cost to you provided you have a texting plan with your cellular device).


About our guest

Mary Louise Helbig was recently named CEO of HealthyMe Mobile Solutions. She was previously President at Virtual Nerd. She is a Senior executive with diverse management experience in the technology, healthcare, financial and service industries with proven skills launching new technology products and implementing technology solutions in support of business commercialization objectives. Mary Louise has experience managing domestic and international businesses at various stages: start-up, high growth and turn around and possesses the skills and passion for developing organizational and operating structures to meet aggressive business goals.


News Stories Discussed


App Pick of the Week

  • Aisle411



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Welcome back everyone! This week finds JJ & Kevin just talking about some pretty neat things going on in St. Louis that those of you into STEM may find interesting.

If you know of some great things going on in the St. Louis tech scene, make sure to let us know so we can help promote those doing awesome things in St. Louis!



News Stories Discussed


App Pick of the Week

  • AR Flashcards - iOS & Android - Free, $2.99, $2.99



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In this shorter episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we are talking with Amber Oliver from Globaloria.

Globaloria is designed to help make computing and STEM learning fun through game design and coding. Imagine being able to have your child create their own software to learn from! With Globaloria, this idea is a reality.


About our guest

As Vice President of Partnerships and Operations, Amber Oliver is responsible for identifying and managing partnerships with states, districts, schools, youth service associations, business and government. She focuses on scaling up with excellence the deployment of Globaloria Networks, both within and between states, to nurture a vibrant and sustainable social learning network. Prior to joining Globaloria, Amber managed UNICEF's interactive youth portal, Voices of Youth, which she grew to 3 million members in four languages. During her 15+ year career in international development, she also worked for the United Nations Secretariat, The World Bank, and for organizations in Bangladesh, India, Senegal and other developing nations. She holds a master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and a BA from Brown University. 

You can connect with Amber on Twitter at: @AmberOliver11



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In Episode 59 of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we are joined by Jolijt Tamanaha (pronounced Yo-light) & Logan Sorrentino from St. Louis based Champio!

Have a listen as these founders explain more about what Champio is, and why you need to be paying attention to what they are working on here in St. Louis.


About our guests

Jolijt Tamanaha is currently enrolled at Washington University majoring in political science with a minor in writing & marketing who co-founded Farmplicity during her sophomore year and sold it during her junior year. Then she proceeded to co-found Champio and is a fast rising star in the St. Louis startup scene.

Connect with her on Twitter at: @jolijtt

Logan Sorrentino is a front end developer for Champio who has been through the Launchcode process and previously worked for Trackbill.

Connect with Logan on Twitter at: @logan6792


Stories Discussed


App pick of the week

  • Dave to Go - Windows Phone - Free



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In Episode 58 of the STLTechTalk Podcast we are joined by Juney Ham, co-founder & President of Upside Advisor!

We will talking with Juney about what Upside is, how they ended up in St. Louis and what it was about St. Louis that persuaded him to move his family back here from San Francisco.

All this and much more including some St. Louis tech news!


About our guest

Juney Ham is the co-founder and President of Upside, a financial technology startup providing a robo-advisor for independent financial advisors. Upside's fully-automated, white-labeled managed account platform gives investment advisors what they need to manage emerging affluent clients cost-effectively and meet the expectations of the next generation of investors.

Prior to co-founding Upside, Juney Ham was the Director of Online Marketing for Airbnb, responsible for driving supply and demand acquisition worldwide through digital channels. His domain of accountability included search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social advertising, email marketing and online partnership operations.

Prior to Airbnb, Juney Ham was Vice President of Global Paid Search for Expedia Worldwide. Juney managed online marketing for Expedia points of sale globally along with product infrastructure, reporting and analytics. Before Expedia, Juney held engineering, product development and operational roles at retail and advertising companies including Experian Interactive Media and Shopzilla.

Juney holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Connect with Juney on Twitter at: @Juney


Other links about Juney Ham and Upside Advisor you may be interested in reading are:


News Stories Discussed


App Picks

  • You're on a Roll - iOS - Free


Upcoming Tech Meetups & Events





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In this episode, we are joined by Colleen Liebig & Kyle Welborn from Cultivation Capital.

Cultivation Capital is a St. Louis based venture capital firm which is managed by a team of serial entreprenuers who had a strong track record of investing in successful technology companies across the Midwest.

The goal of Cultivation Capital is to take businesses to the next level with their help, expertise, guidance and funding.

Here is a list of some of their partners:

  • T-Rex
  • LaunchCode
  • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  • BioGenerator
  • St. Louis Arch Angels
  • VentureSTL
  • Arch Grants
  • StartLouis
  • Missouri Venture Forum
  • Capital Innovators


About our guests

Colleen Liebig is the Portfolio Success Manager for St. Louis based Cultivation Capital who is a St. Louis native with Bachelors in Anthropology and International Studies from University of North Carolina – Charlotte. Upon graduating abroad in Chile, she returned to North Carolina to work in the music industry and co-founded Coma Gun Music. Colleen moved back to St. Louis a few years later and started a business as a jewelry designer.

Colleen has also worked with the International Institute of St. Louis, recruiting for and managing the volunteer and internship programs. She continues to work with the refugee and immigrant population of St. Louis as a Professional Connector for the St. Louis Mosaic Project, which helps newcomers to the region network into jobs. With a heart for her hometown, she is dedicated to aiding efforts to make St. Louis a more diverse, progressive and exciting place to live.


Kyle Welborn is a Partner at Cultivation Capital. He manages operations and the back office team at the firm. This includes fundraising, legal, and accounting for both the technology and life sciences funds.

Prior to Cultivation, Kyle founded a St. Louis-based angel investment group that focused on financial services technology start-ups called FinServe Tech Angels. He recruited 11 individuals to join as members of the angel group, and FinServe made a $250,000 investment in a St. Louis-based company in the fall of 2012. FinServe became part of the St. Louis Arch Angels in September 2012 where Kyle stayed on as the Director of Due Diligence. Prior to FinServe, Kyle spent four years working at the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center helping companies with fundraising.

From 2007 – 2008, Kyle served as an analyst at the I2A Fund, a $10 million venture capital fund focused on making seed stage investments in the Midwest. Kyle graduated from Loyola University Chicago where he studied political science.


Stories Discussed


App Pick of the Week

  • Magic Piano (Android, iOS) - Free





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With the holidays coming up, many people who are single for whatever reasons, dread heading to their family get together's due to having to be asked the same old questions. We have all seen movies and television shows depicting scenes like this.

Why are you still single? Is everything OK?

Here in St. Louis, there is a company aiming to help people get around these questions. Invisible Girlfriend states on their website that it

Gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship - even if you’re not - so you can get back to living life on your own terms.

We are joined on this episode by Tyler Sondag and Matthew Homann to find out more about this interesting service and see if it will be something you, or someone you know, may be interested in using.

Make sure to head over to to learn more and get signed up for this service.

For you ladies, there is also if you need to show you are in a relationship as well.


About our guests

Tyler Sondag is a St. Louis transplant who spends his days helping students start businesses as the Marketing Strategist in the Saint Louis University Center for Entrepreneurship. In his spare time he's trying to develop consumer products, help young people find the love of their lives, and make St. Louis a place college students will want to come to and stay in after graduating.

Matthew Homann is a creative entrepreneur doing cool things with great customers. CEO of Kendeo. Co-Founder of Invisible Girlfriend.  Recovering lawyer. He helps smart people think, meet and learn together better.


News stories discussed


App picks

  • Cast App - iOS (Free)
  • Pushup Social - iOS, Android, Windows Phone (Free)


Tech Meetups

Visit our calendar to see some of the tech meetups that are coming up in St. Louis:





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In this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, Danielle Smith joins us to give us the scoop about how she came to start & run her business, Extraordinary Mommy.

Have you thought about incorporating video into your business? Or are you curious about what sorts of apps are really good for your children to be using?

Find out the answers to these, and many other questions as we talk with the Extraordinary Mommy, Danielle Smith!


About our guest

Danielle Smith is a former award-winning television news anchor and reporter turned digital correspondent, host, spokesperson, media trainer, lover of all things video and public speaker who lives to empower women to utilize the power of social and media to follow their passions.

She is the author of two books, Social Media Engagement for Dummies and Mom, Incorporated and is the founder and primary author of and

She hosts and produces the original lifestyle series ‘Keeping Style in Your Life' and is proud to be a contributor to well-known online magazine, SheKnows. She has emceed events that included guest appearances by the First Lady, Michelle Obama and Martha Stewart.

Additionally, she has worked as a Red Carpet correspondent at the Academy of Country Music Awards, the 2011 ProBowl in Hawaii and 2010 Winter Olympic Games on behalf of P&G and has championed the fight against Child Hunger, working directly with the Con Agra Foods Foundation.

She is a Social Good Ambassador for Johnson and & Johnson and is thrilled to have recently begun teaching classes as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. As a result of her work, Smith has been featured nationally on the CBS Early Show, Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, and in USA TodayForbes, and Publisher's Weekly.


News stories discussed


St. Louis app picks

  • Candy Labs
  • Rookies App and Cast App


Tech Meetups

Visit our calendar to see some of the tech meetups that are coming up in St. Louis:





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In this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with Dougan Sherwood from CIC St Louis.

We will be talking with Dougan about how CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) chose St. Louis as a location for expansion, along with more details of what CIC St Louis is and why you, as a startup, should consider them for your next office space.

In the meantime, head over to the CIC St. Louis website to get connected, and schedule a tour!

We are also pleased to have Brian Feldt from the St. Louis Business Journal join us in this episode to talk more St. Louis tech news.


About our guest

Dougan Sherwood is Co-Founder and Managing Director of CIC St. Louis, the first expansion site of Cambridge Innovation Center, the world's largest single facility for housing startup companies. Before coming to St. Louis, Dougan spent five years leading CIC's Sales and Relationship Management team in Cambridge, MA. Prior to his work at CIC, Dougan spent several years working in experiential education throughout the United States with a particular focus on leadership development for high achieving students. This work led him to found his own youth program in the American West that aimed to serve rising college freshmen.

Dougan has also interned for the late Senator Edward Kennedy, served on the board of a non-profit helping children with HIV/AIDS and established an annual bicycle fundraiser for injured service men and women. Currently he sits on the Board of Directors for Youth CITIES, a program that introduces students to social entrepreneurship.

He is a graduate of the University of Utah. After months of commuting from Boston, Dougan and his family are finally Missouri residents, living in Webster Groves.


News stories discussed


Tech Meetups



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We are doing something a little different this week. We are combining shows to talk about one of the largest developer conferences in the midwest that is held right here in good old St. Louis.

Which conference am I referring to? Why St. Louis Days of .NET of course!

Join JJ, Gus & Kevin for this special crossover episode as we talk with Scott Spradlin, one of the organizers that helps make St. Louis Days of .NET possible! If you have any questions, you will be able to ask live during the show and we will answer them as best we can.


Important Information & links about the conference

Location - Ameristar Casino & Resort, St. Charles, MO 63301

Dates - November 13-15, 2014


  • Early Bird registration is $200.00 (ends on October 13, 2014).
  • Regular registration price is $300.00
  • Walk-up registration is $600.00


To contact the organizers, send an email to


Want to go to St. Louis Days of .NET for free?

If you are having trouble affording the price to go to the conference, we have partnered up with the awesome organizers of St. Louis Days of .NET and are offering two (2) lucky winners the opportunity to go to the 2014 St. Louis Days of .NET for free!

For details on how you can win, visit this link!

*Contest runs from October 2, 2014 until October 20, 2014

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Yes, we know how amazing this sounds, but we are bringing you a second awesome episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast this week!

In this episode, we bring your Vice President of Sales, Pat Hawn from MarketVolt which is based right here in St. Louis Mo!

Some known clients that use MarketVolt's services include:

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens
  • St. Louis Science Center
  • Fontbonne University

To learn more about MarketVolt, head over to

Also make sure to head over to to see what webinars MarketVolt offers

About our guest

Pat Hawn is the Vice President of Sales at MarketVolt, an interactive marketing agency specializing in email marketing, where he’s helped over 350 businesses and non-profits of all sizes and across the country with their marketing programs since 2011.

With a varied background ranging from Collegiate Volleyball Coach to Car Rental Expert, Door to Door Salesman to Disc Jockey, Pat brings a unique perspective on business growth and prospect engagement to help you better understand how to leverage online, social media and email resources to grow your organization.

Pat is also on the Board with the St. Louis Chapter of the American Marketing Association as well as being involved with a number of other chambers and associations across the region.

You can connect with Pat the following ways:


News stories discussed


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In this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we bring you Wesley Hoffman from!

If you have yet to hear about what the Treehouse Networkshop is all about, now is your chance to hear what you are missing! Wesley and his team are doing some amazing things here in St. Louis with these monthly meetups around the St. Louis area.

Looking for something to do Wednesday, September 24?

Stop by their next gathering at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company to see what the fuss is all about! You can get your tickets for this event here.

To connect with Wesley, you can do so the following ways:


Also, you can read what our very own Ciara Brewer thought about her experiences at recent Treehouse Networkshop gatherings here.


About our guest

Wesley Hoffman believes in the power of meeting people in person. After a few years of working in customer service and sales, across several different industries, he decided to follow his true passion: connecting and motivating people. Available for speaking engagements, team building sessions, sales & customer service consulting, business development or recruiting, check out the blog for a more in-depth, real-life look at his thoughts and vision.

You can also find him on most Friday nights serving up some of the best donuts in St. Louis at Strange Donuts and you can also hear him co-hosting the #StrangeHouse Podcast!


Stories discussed

  • Might police officers be able to use a device to determine who is texting while driving similar to how they check if drivers are speeding?
  • Recap of Strange Loop
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On this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we speak with two crucial members of GirlsAskGuys, co-founder & CEO Tolga Tanriseven & Director of Development, Leandro Mencias!

GirlsAskGuys, in case you are unfamiliar, is a digital community founded in St. Louis that works by connecting girls and guys to help each other by sharing their experiences & opinions.

Make sure to head over to to see what is taking the internet by storm and growing at a rapid pace!


About our guests

  • Tolga Tanriseven is the co-founder and CEO of GirlsAskGuys, a digital community connecting girls and guys to help each other by sharing their experiences & opinions. Tolga was born in Turkey and moved to US, St. Louis, in 2001 to receive his graduate degree in computer engineering at SIUE. Tolga also recently wrote an article on regarding leadership.
  • Leandro Mencias is the Director of Development for GirlsAskGuys and leads a team of 8 people out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


News stories discussed

  • Registration for St. Louis Days of Dot Net is open!
  • We've added the weekly Missouri Outline video to our site
  • StartLouis, ITEN, 1 Million Cups and the benefits of networking
  • Women in Gaming at the recent Pixel Pop Festival
  • Microsoft purchases Minecraft for $2.5 Billion
  • Microsoft to officially unveil the next version of Windows on September 30
  • OneNote lands on the Android Wear smartwatch platform and works great!
  • Apple sells a record number of pre-orders for their iPhone 6  & iPhone 6 Plus release

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Did you know that the recent Kickstarter campaign from Synek Draft System was the most successful campaign by a St. Louis company ever?

Steve Young from Synek Draft System, returns to the STLTechTalk Podcast to talk about his experience with running a successful Kickstarter campaign along with where how things are going overall in the world of Synek since his last appearance with us.

To learn more about the Synek Draft System, make sure to visit their website at

Click here to view their successful Kickstarter page.


About our guest

In 2013, St. Louis native Steve Young (Founder of SYNEK™) started to take sharp notice of the craft beer industry as a stock market analyst. He wanted to know how the craft beer industry was making these great strides and what risk factors could cause it to become a ‘bubble’ like the industry saw in the 1990s. Steve began to travel the U.S. to talk to the top craft breweries and home brewing associations to learn everything that was impacting the industry right from the source.

As he continued to speak with industry experts, he was shocked to see the severity of the issue and wondered why nobody had taken the opportunity to address it before. Steve was so moved by the brewers’ intense frustration that he quit his job to assemble the best beer engineering team in the world and implement a solution to this beer packaging epidemic.


Apple news recap

There was also a little event by Apple today in which they unveiled information about the next versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. They also unveiled their smartwatch, the Apple Watch.

We will be discussing this news after the guest interview finishes, so stay tuned!


App picks of the week

  • Alejandro - Brightest Flashlight (Windows Phone - Free)
  • Kevin - Amtrak (Android, iOS, Windows Phone - Free)



Also, make sure to tune in as we will have details on how you can win a Jawbone Mini Jambox from STLTechTalk courtesy of our friends at AT&T! You will have to listen to the episode to get details on how to enter!

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In this special episode, we are joined by the hosts of the App Business Podcast, Chris Chidgey and David Pfahler.

If you are an app developer and want to learn more about how to do app development as a business, you will want to make sure and add the App Business Podcast to your podcast listening rotation. After our shows that is ;-).

To learn more about the App Business Podcast, simply visit the official page at


About our guests

  • Chris Chidgey is an ex-9-5er turned mobile apps hustler. Gets excited about app monetization, and tools and strategies for increasing engagement and retention. Has a not-so-secret crush on the mobile apps industry and is inspired by the minds that are joining this exploding market. Chris is the founder of BGB Island Apps and Co-Founder of new Mobile App Diagnostics service App Jetpack.

    You can connect with Chris below, via or on Twitter @chidgeychris

  • David is Co-Founder of excellenteasy, a mobile startup focused on web technology. With a strong focus on execution, efficiency and process – David is usually good for a book recommendation or 3 on the podcast.

    You can connect with David below, via or on Twitter @davidpfahler

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Join us as we talk with one of the co-founders of the upcoming startup conference, Startup Voodoo, which will be held at Ballpark Village in St. Louis on September 25, 2014.

Want to know more about Startup Voodoo & if you should make sure you attend or not? Make sure to visit for more information about the conference.


About our guest

Some six years ago, Aaron Perlut founded startup digital marketing and public relations firm Elasticity, and has since worked with numerous startups and startup ecosystems to help them build reputation. Aaron is also a co-founder of the first regional improvement focused crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform, Rally Saint Louis, as well as being a longtime contributor to Forbes, VentureBeat and among other media outlets.


News stories discussed on the show

  • Shop at Home Depot recently? May want to take a look at your financial statements.


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - AR Flashcards Shapes & Colors (iOS & Android - $2.99)
  • JJ - Databot (Windows Phone - Free)
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In this episode, we had the extreme pleasure of talking with Dan Lohman from Pushup Social. Dan shared lots of great information on how he got to this point in his career, other companies he has been a part of starting, along with why the Pushup Social team feels that their product will help take your website to the next level!

I know I have said this before about some prior shows, but make sure to not miss this one!


A little bit about our guest

Dan Lohman is the CEO & Co-founder of Pushup Social who is a tech entrepreneur inspired by solving problems & growing communities. He is working to rapidly grow Pushup Social with the help of an amazing team. Dan also co-founded, & Lab1500 among other companies.


Want to see what Pushup Social is like and see if you would like to implement it on your website?

Make sure to join our growing community at the bottom of to see how it works.


News stories discussed

Extra stories you may be interested in


App picks of the week


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We are thrilled to be joined in this episode by Angela LaRocca, who is the brand manager and Pat Niday, who is the project and resource manager for Unidev!

Some of the topics we will be discussing with our guests in this episode are:

  • The Unidev Speaker Series which is a monthly event held at the Unidev offices in Chesterfield Mo.
  • Learn the meaning behind the "It's All About U" tagline
  • We will also talk about the journey that led both Angela and Pat to join the Unidev team.

To learn more about Unidev, and what they can do for you, make sure to visit and make sure to stay to the end also as we have a huge announcement that we are excited to share with you on this episode that you will not want to miss!


News stories discussed on the show


Extra Reading


App picks of the week


Have any topics you would like for us to cover, or tech news stories you would like us to discuss on future episodes? Let us know by emailing us at

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In this episode, we are scheduled to talk with Daniel Gary of Windows Phone development fame. Daniel was one of the first people to bring Windows Phone users access to Instagram on their Windows Phone via his Instance app.

Daniel is currently working on some great projects and is going to talk about his experiences so far as a Windows Phone developer and where he sees the platform going in the future.

Want to know what the status is of the QuizUp app he has been working on? Have a listen to see what the status is.


A little bit about our guest, Daniel Gary

Daniel is the founder of Gateway Apps and the developer of Pinsation and Instance for Windows Phone.  Recently, he has been working to continue bringing first party apps to the Windows Phone platform.  You can follow him on twitter @danielgary and read his blog at


News stories discussed

Story we missed out on discussing


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - Fitbit (Android, Windows Phone & iOS - Free)
  • JJ - Calendar Scheduler (Windows Phone - Free), myHomework Student Planner (Android - Free), Class Schedule for School (iOS - $0.99)
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For this episode, we are joined by Patrick Quinn who is the Strategic Account Manager for Karpel Solutions.

Patrick is also the President of the local St. Louis chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) which represents Microsoft´s best of breed partners from around the globe.

To see what Karpel Solutions can do for you, make sure to visit their website here.


If you have any news stories you would like us to talk about, or guests you would like for us to interview,  let us know by emailing us at, and we will do our best to make it happen.


News stories talked about on this episode

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In this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we are joined by our newest contributor Brad Whiteside!

Brad joins JJ & Kevin for the monthly episode where the STLTechTalk team just gets together and talks about things going on in the tech sphere.


News stories discussed


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - Waze (Android, iOS, Windows Phone - free)
  • JJ - Disqus (Windows Phone - free)
  • Brad - Password Padlock (Windows Phone - free)


Charities to support

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In this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, things got off to a bit of a slow start. We apologize for the audio issues at first in the video as we had to get some things squared away on the fly, but hey recording live always poses challenges and we are human after all.

Make sure to hang in there though as once we get the train back on track, we feel you'll enjoy our guest interview with Jerry Norton from who helps businesses here in St. Louis get setup with Google Business View which helps businesses get a 3D visual tour inside of their business that people can take a look at online just like Google Street View.

To get in touch with Jerry to get a quote for your business, email him or give him a call below at:



News Stories

App Picks

  • Kevin - Tweetium Beta for Windows Phone 8.1 devices ($2.99 for 1 Twitter account)
  • JJ - Poki for Windows Phone 8 (free), Clipr for Windows Phone 8 (free), IP Webcam (free Android), Manything (free iOS)
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In Episode 42, we are stoked to be joined again by Sam Sullivan, co-founder & CTO of to talk about his experience so far with Android Wear, the LG G Watch and the currently invite only, OnePlusOne smartphone!

We will also be talking about Sams experience with Android L so far, and Kevin will give some initial impressions of the recently released LG G3 smartphone.


News stories discussed


App picks of the week

  • Kevin – Google Analytics (Android – Free), Package Tracker (Windows Phone – $1.99)
  • JJ – Meetup (Android – Free)
  • Sam – LinkBubble (Android – Free, pro version for $1.99)
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In episode 41, we bring you Rich Dunbar who is the lead ambassador for and is a big time Windows Phone fan!

Rich surprised us by saying that he wanted to share some big news with us live on the show and would not budge one bit when we tried to get it out of him before hand, so you are hearing it here first!

We’ve also got some great news to talk about in the News Rundown segment and our LG G Watch running Android Wear showed up this afternoon so you will not want to miss our first impressions of this new device!


News Stories discussed


App Picks of the week

  • Kevin – Android Wear (Android – Free)
  • JJ – STLTechTalk app (Windows Phone – Free)  *Watch/listen to our podcasts live within the app!*
  • Alejandro – CouponCabin (iOS & Android – Free)  Maestro Flashcards (Windows Phone – Free for a limited time)
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Episode 40 brings us Andrea Bemis from!

Andrea is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Unified Development Inc. which is based in St. Louis & Las Vegas that helps clients with some of the following services:

  • Internet marketing
  • Website design & development
  • Custom software & development

To find out more about, make sure to visit their website and also take a look at a brief write-up our very own JJ Hammond did right here.


News Stories

App Picks of the Week

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In this episode, we are absolutely thrilled to be joined by a member of the team who helped make Office for iPad a reality, Sangeeta Mudnal!

What a great talk, with some behind the scenes talk about the Office for iPad creation process, and how Sangeeta, who happens to be a 15 year Microsoft employee helped lead the team that worked on Excel for iPad.

We think you will enjoy listening to this episode as we did as we recording it!


News Stories

App Picks of the Week

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Show notes to come

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Enjoy this podcast? Do us a favor and please take a few minutes to leave a review of the podcast on the following sites:


In this episode, we JJ & Kevin decided to just get back to our roots and talk tech news and it really shows hows much fun they have when doing just this.


News stories covered on the episode

App picks of the week

  • JJ - AppCampus  (Not necessarily an app, but a resource for great independent apps)
  • Kevin - #1 Toolkit (Windows Phone - Free)


As many of you may have heard, is growing like crazy as more and more people find out about us and listen to the podcasts, visit the site and interact with us on social media. With things growing so fast, we are looking to bring more people on board that share the same passion for technology that we have.

If you, or someone you know may be interested, email us at

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As June begins, we are pleased to welcome Paul Ulreich and Brenda Hill who are both public relation representatives from Verizon Wireless on the show to talk about some of the happenings at Verizon Wireless.

We talked about how Verizon helps cover rural areas with 4G LTE coverage, touched on their upcoming XLTE and also some ways that they are helping make sure customers can stay connected while at major events with large numbers of people connecting in a small area.

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did to bring it to you!


Like the STLTechTalk Podcast? Please make sure to rate and review it over on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and TuneIn Radio!

We appreciate any and all feedback to help make this show even better for you, the listener.


News stories talked about on this episode


Apps of the week

  • Kevin - decluttr (iOS & Android - free)
  • Brenda - Meetup (iOS & Android - free)
  • Paul - Boom Beach (iOS - free)
  • JJ - Castle of Illusion (Windows Phone $9.99)
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Episode 35 marks numerous firsts.

For starters, we will be trying out a monthly STLTechTalk round table where the members of STLTechTalk get together and talk about all the hot news going on in tech.

Next, we are going to be giving more details on our new "sister" site you will be able to find at So if you know ladies that are into technology, this will be THE site for them to check out and get involved with.

Last, this also marks the last episode for Thursdays as we are going to switch to recording on Tuesday evenings beginning this Tuesday, June the 3rd! So make sure to subscribe so you do not miss a thing!


News stories talked about on this episode

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Beer lovers, have we got an awesome guest for you!

In this episode, we were thrilled to be joined by Steve Young  from to talk about his companies revolutionary product!

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to walk into a room in their home and pouring their favorite draft beer. You need plenty of space along with plenty of money to make it into something to be truly proud of. And even if you are able to have a room for this, your selection is usually fairly limited.

Now imagine being able to walk into your kitchen and pouring an ice cold pint of your favorite beer, from virtually any brewer you can think of, at any time right there on your kitchen counter.

Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it?

Tune in as we learn more about the Synek Draft System from the man with the idea himself, Steve Young.


Some news stories from this episode

  • Testimony wrapped in St. Louis court between Lyft and Metropolitan Taxi Commission
  • AT&T is actually serious about purchasing DirecTV
  • eBay warns users to change passwords after security breach
  • Nest to recall the Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm system
  • Surface Pro 3 unveiled by Microsoft
  • Apple working to fix iMessage to help people that are not receiving messages for various reasons
  • Driverless cars could cripple law enforcement budget in the US


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - Park It  - available on Windows Phone (free)
  • Alejandro - Udemy - available on iOS and Android (free)
  • Steve - Asana - available on iOS and Android (free)
  • JJ - Podcasts! & BringCast - available on Windows Phone (free & $1.49)


Special links to check out

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This week finds us live on location at the Microsoft Store in the Saint Louis Galleria as we continue with our coverage of the National Small Business Week!

JJ & Alejandro covered as much tech news as they could during the show in front of a live studio audience while Kevin is on the other side of the state in Kansas City with Gus covering the Kansas City Developer Conference.

We also want to send out a link for people looking to donate to a good cause:


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We are pumped to be joined by the Editor in Chief of, Josh Knowles!

We decided to switch gears a bit and talk some gaming on this episode so we hope you enjoy!


Some of the other stories we covered are:

- Sprint beginning to throttle top 5% of users in congested areas

- Apple close to buying Beats

- An iPhone would have cost how much back in 1991?

- Amazon opening up Sunday deliveries to 15 more cities

- New CoderGirl program starting up with Launch Code

- Microsoft & Google battle for classroom platforms in the cloud

- Microsoft has a new Ad agency named IPG

- Surface Mini to be announced on May 20


For full show notes, visit the episode page on here.

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While the boss has been away, the boys (and girl) have played. But in Episode 31 the boss is back and man is he ready to talk about some tech news.


News stories talked about in this episode

St. Louis tech news talked about


Apps of the week

  • Kevin - KMOV Weather (Android & iOS - Free) and The Weather Channel (Windows Phone, iOS & Android - Free)
  • Alejandro - Sleep Cycle (iOS - $2.99)
  • JJ - Movie Maker (Windows 8 & Windows Phone - Free)


Episode 31 is dedicated to the late Linda Harvell, mother of STLTechTalk Editor-in-Chief Kevin Harvell

Direct download: STLTechTalk_E31.mp3
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Stories covered in this episode


Alejandro (covering for Kevin)

  • Apple releases iOS 7.1.1 to add more features to the iPhone 5S fingerprint reader, address security issues, and resolve some problems with keyboard becoming irresponsive and for users with Bluetooth keyboards and Apple’s VoiceOver screen reading technology
  • FaceTime is still unavailable for iOS 6 users with no ET
  • Apple has now launched an open beta seed program for their OS, which allows people to have pre-release access to beta builds and submit feedback at no cost. Previously you could only get this by joining the OS X Development program for $99 a year.
  • Tim Cook, Apple CEO made a statement yesterday during the latest earnings call (which by the way surpassed expectations) indicating that Apple prefers to “get it right than to be first” (Revenue came in at $45.6 billion, up from $43.6 billion a year earlier, while profit reached $10.2 billion, up from $9.5 billion a year ago.)



  • Windows OEM revenue up 4%, while Windows OEM Pro revenue up 19%Office 365 now accounts for 4.4 million subscribers, adding close to 1 million during the quarter
  • 1.2 million Xbox One consoles sold and 0.7 million Xbox 360 consoles sold
  • Surface revenue up 50% and is close to $500 million
  • Bing search share in the U.S. is up 18.6% with advertising revenue up 38%
  • Azure revenue is up over 150%
  • Windows volume licensing grew by 11%
  • Office 365 revenue is up by over 100%

Apps of the Week

  • Alejandro- NotesPlus (iOS)
  • Aubrey – Fixed (iOS)
  • Vernon – Project Tripod (Windows Phone 8)
  • JJ – Recipe Keeper (Windows Phone 8)
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In this episode, we had the chance to catch up with Andy Long who put together our STLTechTalk Windows Phone app.

We were also joined by Alejandro Ramirez who you will be seeing, and reading more from, to talk about Windows Phone 8.1 and all sorts of various topics.

We went a bit longer than usual, but when the "boss" is away, the boys will play! Unfortunately Kevin is dealing with some family emergencies and is bouncing back and forth between hospitals in St. Louis.


Stories talked about on the show

Alejandro (covering for Kevin)

  • Apple vs. Samsung vs. Apple
  • iPhone 6 Rumors
  • iOS 8 rumors: health apps and Shazam
  • Where is Mac Office 2014?
  • “4D” technology in Brazil World Cup 2014
  • “Kill Switch” coming to a device near you in 2015


  • Amazon Phone with 6 cameras
  • ONE Talks competing or complementing TED talks
  • Google Glass up for purchase
  • Heart Bleed virus
  • Office 365 69.99 for the personal side
  • Engadget: Samsung Explores a stripped down wearable device
  • VR Zone: $256 to make the Samsung Galaxy S 5
  • Windows Phone users and developers can now respond to each other in the windows store
  • PlayStation 4 leads Xbox One even as Titan Fall is the top software download in March

App picks of the week

  • Andy’s apps including:
    • park it
    • stl tech talk
    • stl traffic
    • thurrott to go
    • my product keys
  • Andy’s Pick for a new app to try is @dualshotapp or check out
  • Alejandro’s pick Maestro Flash Cards
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In this episode, we had the pleasure to speaking with Katie Nagus who is the Director of Communications for AT&T in the Greater Midwest and Northern Plains Regions.

We talked all sorts of things related to AT&T. How she feels about all the recent changes all the carriers are making in response to T-Mobile. Got her thoughts on why she prefers the in-store buying experience vs ordering service & devices online.

Also Katie talked about the AT&T fiber rollout in St. Louis.

Definitely a very interesting discussion on the state of AT&T in St. Louis and the midwest region so go ahead check it out and let us know what you think!


Links to stories mentioned on the show


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - Schmoose (Windows Phone & Android - Free) & Augusta Golf (Windows Phone - Free)
  • Katie - Runtastic Pro & Weather 2020 (iOS - $4.99 & Free)
  • JJ - mClock & Tile Genie (Windows Phone & Windows Tablets - Free)
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It is tough to argue the fact that this was a HUGE week for Microsoft.

This week Microsoft hosted thousands upon thousands of developers at the Moscone Center in San Francisco California for their annual Build conference. The Build conference is used to reward developers for all their hard work and also announce upcoming Microsoft products and services.

In Episode 27, we are joined by local St. Louis Microsoft Evangelist Bill Fink to recap what has been revealed so far at Build. We also hope to be joined by #CodeCast co-host Gus Emery live from Build to hear what his experience has been and what he thinks about what Microsoft has announced.

So if Build has you excited like we are, make sure to listen to this episode and if you want to see the demos that Bill shared, make sure to watch the video on our YouTube channel ( for playback!


Topics Covered

  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows 8.1 Update
  • Nokia Lumia 630, 635, 930
  • Azure, Visual Studio and other developer related programs


 Apps of the Week

  • Kevin – iFixit (Android, iOS, Windows Phone – Free)
  • Bill – Picture Puzzles and other apps from local St Louis dev Pig Out Productions
  • JJ – Waze (Android, iOS, Windows Phone – Free)
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We finally had a chance to hangout with Vernon Smith of the Glance & Go Podcast and what a great talk it was!

With all the news that has been coming out lately with Microsoft and the release of Office for iPad, and what is getting ready to come from them at the upcoming Build conference, we had plenty of stuff to touch on and could have easily kept going longer.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did bringing it to you.

Also make sure to check out and get in on the #WinPhan Scavenger Hunt.


Links to stories mentioned on the show


App picks 

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Wearable devices are some of the hottest devices of 2014, with smartwatches being at the forefront of this technology shift.

In Episode 25 we were joined by Adam Zeis, Editor-In-Chief of to talk about some of the latest news in the world of smartwatches because who else to talk with than the man behind the biggest wearable site on the internet?

Seriously, when we booked Adam weeks ago, none of us had any idea as to how big a week it would be for smartwatches with the sudden Google announcement of their upcoming Android Wear platform just days before we recorded the episode.

We hope you enjoy this talk as much as we did!


Links to stories mentioned on the show


App picks of the week

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It can be difficult to find people that did not collect baseball cards as a kid. Baseball is called America's Pastime after all right?

Well in this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we are joined by Rookies App founder Matt Sebek who has brought baseball cards closer to home than ever before.

In this episode, Matt talks about some of his background and how Rookies App came to be. Why they chose to release it on iOS first, and also about some of the great, and very creative ways that people are using  Rookies App that you would not think of right away.

Links to stories mentioned on show


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - QuizUp (iOS & Android, free)
  • Matt - At Bat (iOS, Android & Windows Phone)
  • JJ - Maestro Flashcards (Windows Phone, $0.99)
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Our guest on Episode 23 is Jimmy Alkhouri from the St. Louis Social Media Group!

With a successful weekly social media chat you can find on Twitter via the #STLChat hashtag each Monday night at 8pm, along with an active Meetup group, Jimmy spends a lot of time dealing in the world of social media.

If you have any questions about social media, or would like to get involved with the St. Louis Social Media Group, feel free to join the group and connect with Jimmy on Twitter!

Links from the episode

Apps of the week

  • Kevin - MetroMail (Windows Phone & Windows 8, $1.49)
  • Jimmy - Simple Resize (iPhone, free)
  • JJ - Adidas miCoach (Android & iOS, free)

It was a pleasure to speak with St. Louis Business Journal tech reporter Brian Feldt here in episode 22 of the STLTechTalk Podcast.

Brian handles the TechFlash section for the Journal and is consistently reporting on all of the news related to the booming tech start-up scene here in St. Louis.

Listen in as Brian talks about how he got into journalism and landed the position he is in now. He also was gracious enough to join the News Rundown segment not only to discuss our stories, but he brought some he wanted to talk about himself!

We want to thank Brain again for spending his time with us for this episode!

If you do not already, make sure to follow Brian on Twitter at @stlbizbfeldt and @TechFlashSTL


Links from the episode


Apps of the week

  • Kevin – Metro Tube (Windows Phone, $0.99)
  • Brian – Evernote, Bonfyre (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Free)
  • JJ – 2Day (Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone 8, Free trial or $2.99 or $5.99 depending on device)
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Have you thought about starting a podcast of your own, or just want to take your existing podcast to the next level? Then this episode is one you will want to listen to time and time again!

In this episode JJ and Kevin were joined by the founder of, and St. Louis native, Robert Becker!

Make sure to listen as Robert goes into detail about what PodFund is, and how it came to be as a company created to help both experienced, and new podcasters alike, use crowdfunding to help fund their podcast ventures. He shared some great tips to help get started with your own campaign, why they chose vs PayPal for making and receiving payments and also spoke about his background in radio that led to this idea.

With their first campaigns getting ready to go live on March 3, tonight was a great time to help spread the word with our listeners.

We have to say thank you again to Robert Becker for being such a great guest and joining us on the STLTechTalk Podcast!

Like what you hear?

If you like what we are doing here, please help us out by subscribing, sharing a comment on iTunes and give us a rating. Also, share us with your friends!

Links from the episode

App picks

  • Kevin - Talon for Twitter - Android, $1.99
  • Robert - Sprout Social - Android and iOS, free (but requires paid Sprout Social account)
  • Robert - QuickBooks - Android and iOS, free
  • JJ - Windows Program - Android, free
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No you are not dreaming, we recorded two episodes of the STLTechTalk Podcast this week!

Why did we record multiple episodes? Well when you have the opportunity to interview one of the greats in podcasting like Rob Greenlee, you make it happen!

In this great interview, Rob Greenlee shares what it was like working at Microsoft managing the podcast content platform for Windows Phone as well as how it came to be that he recently joined network as their Chief Technological Officer (CTO).

Also, Rob shares some tips with our audience to help them get started in the world of podcasting.

So if you are at all interested in starting your own podcast, or wondering how you can make your existing podcast better, then you will not want to miss one minute of this interview!

To hear more from Rob, head over and listen to the show he co-hosts weekly, The New Media Show.

As always, we value your feedback and any suggestions you have for future talks! Email them

We would also appreciate if you could take a few moments to subscribe to our podcast using the links below, and also if you could give a quick rating or review for others to see!

Click to subscribe via iTunes

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Yes we just launched the CodeCast by STLTechTalk podcast, but that does not mean we are shutting our original show down.

Oh no, we loaded this episode up with plenty of news stories from this busy week in technology.


Stories covered


Make sure to subscribe to our podcast via your favorite podcast method and please rate us and leave a review!

Direct download: STLTechTalk_E20.mp3
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Here we are rejoined again by our good friend Gus Emery as we covered some of the news stories that caught our eye over the last week and confirmed the name of our newest podcast:

CodeCast by STLTechTalk

Launching Wednesday February 12, 2014, CodeCast by STLTechTalk has some great guests already lined up in the world of coding and developing to share tips and information on coding. Many of whom you may already know from the industry.


Links from the episode


Apps of the week


Make sure to subscribe to the STLTechTalk Podcast the following ways:

Direct download: STLTechTalk_E19.mp3
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Our guest on episode 18 is Microsoft MVP David McCabe from and from the Home Server Show Podcast.

Take a listen to see what all David had to say about how he got into technology and what led him to choose to primarily use the Microsoft ecosystem.

We also talked about how came to be, which is a wonderful resource for people with Surface, or other tablets to visit, to go to and learn more about their tablets. Of course the Surface is not the only tablet available that runs Windows on it and we made sure to talk about the Nokia Lumia 2520 and Dell Venue Pro 8, so be sure to catch that part of the interview.

A big thank you to David for taking the time to sit and talk with us on this great episode!

Links from the episode


App picks of the week

Direct download: STLTechTalk_E18.mp3
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In episode 17 JJ and Kevin talked with the co-founder and Chief Technological Officer Sam Sullivan.

TrakBill is a St. Louis based company that provides users a way to follow legislative bills from all 50 states either via mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, or using their website.

When you look around you will be impressed with how much information you can get from the website and how easy it is to find, and follow bills that interest you.

We had a great discussion that covered a lot of various topics ranging from how Sam got started in web development to how he became a Google Glass Explorer.

News stories talked about


Apps of the week


As always, feedback and suggestions for future episode guests and subjects can be sent

Make sure to subscribe on iTunesStitcher or any other favorite podcasting source!

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As you are probably well aware, CES 2014 just wrapped up and there was loads of information flowing from the biggest tech conference of the year!

Whether it was televisions, smartwatches, mobile carriers or automobiles and appliances, it was almost too much information to digest.

Our guests this week, Danyelle "The Cubicle Chick" Little and Chris "IdoNotes" Miller went to CES 2014 and we spent some time talking with them to get their thoughts on what they felt was their favorite things to see and what they feel would be big in 2014.

This is a must watch/listen episode with 2 great guests!

Things we talked about in Episode 16:

  • You'll have to listen to find out!

 App picks of the week:

 As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear it at

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Episode 15 saw us reconnect with Gus Emery from, one of our favorite interviews from the St. Louis Days of .NET 2013 conference.

Gus is a longtime developer, and Microsoft Partner from the St. Paul Minnesota area, but comes back to speak each year at St. Louis Days of .NET to help share his experiences with other individuals, whether new to developing or seasoned veterans.

Some of our news stories we shared:


Our app picks of the week are:


Send feedback, questions or submit future guest & topic requests to

Direct download: STLTechTalk_E15.mp3
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In this episode we were joined by Joseph Almany from sharing some simple tips on how to help make your 2014 a healthier year.

It was great to listen to everything that a certified personal trainer, that you can tell from looking at his results, had to say. Knowing that he has succeeded by practicing what he preaches, makes you want to listen closely to what he has to say.

Make sure to listen to this episode if you are even remotely interested in changing your health for the better this year and beyond. Also head over to the website or like the BodyweightLifestyle Facebook page to find out more about what Joseph can do to help you reach your goals.

Do not forget to subscribe to this podcast and leave a comment and/or review. We would love your feedback!


Apps talked about in this episode

How to get the books and documentary mentioned in this episode

Wearable tech devices discussed

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