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Our guest on episode 18 is Microsoft MVP David McCabe from and from the Home Server Show Podcast.

Take a listen to see what all David had to say about how he got into technology and what led him to choose to primarily use the Microsoft ecosystem.

We also talked about how came to be, which is a wonderful resource for people with Surface, or other tablets to visit, to go to and learn more about their tablets. Of course the Surface is not the only tablet available that runs Windows on it and we made sure to talk about the Nokia Lumia 2520 and Dell Venue Pro 8, so be sure to catch that part of the interview.

A big thank you to David for taking the time to sit and talk with us on this great episode!

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In episode 17 JJ and Kevin talked with the co-founder and Chief Technological Officer Sam Sullivan.

TrakBill is a St. Louis based company that provides users a way to follow legislative bills from all 50 states either via mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, or using their website.

When you look around you will be impressed with how much information you can get from the website and how easy it is to find, and follow bills that interest you.

We had a great discussion that covered a lot of various topics ranging from how Sam got started in web development to how he became a Google Glass Explorer.

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As you are probably well aware, CES 2014 just wrapped up and there was loads of information flowing from the biggest tech conference of the year!

Whether it was televisions, smartwatches, mobile carriers or automobiles and appliances, it was almost too much information to digest.

Our guests this week, Danyelle "The Cubicle Chick" Little and Chris "IdoNotes" Miller went to CES 2014 and we spent some time talking with them to get their thoughts on what they felt was their favorite things to see and what they feel would be big in 2014.

This is a must watch/listen episode with 2 great guests!

Things we talked about in Episode 16:

  • You'll have to listen to find out!

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Episode 15 saw us reconnect with Gus Emery from, one of our favorite interviews from the St. Louis Days of .NET 2013 conference.

Gus is a longtime developer, and Microsoft Partner from the St. Paul Minnesota area, but comes back to speak each year at St. Louis Days of .NET to help share his experiences with other individuals, whether new to developing or seasoned veterans.

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In this episode we were joined by Joseph Almany from sharing some simple tips on how to help make your 2014 a healthier year.

It was great to listen to everything that a certified personal trainer, that you can tell from looking at his results, had to say. Knowing that he has succeeded by practicing what he preaches, makes you want to listen closely to what he has to say.

Make sure to listen to this episode if you are even remotely interested in changing your health for the better this year and beyond. Also head over to the website or like the BodyweightLifestyle Facebook page to find out more about what Joseph can do to help you reach your goals.

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