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It was a pleasure to speak with St. Louis Business Journal tech reporter Brian Feldt here in episode 22 of the STLTechTalk Podcast.

Brian handles the TechFlash section for the Journal and is consistently reporting on all of the news related to the booming tech start-up scene here in St. Louis.

Listen in as Brian talks about how he got into journalism and landed the position he is in now. He also was gracious enough to join the News Rundown segment not only to discuss our stories, but he brought some he wanted to talk about himself!

We want to thank Brain again for spending his time with us for this episode!

If you do not already, make sure to follow Brian on Twitter at @stlbizbfeldt and @TechFlashSTL


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Apps of the week

  • Kevin – Metro Tube (Windows Phone, $0.99)
  • Brian – Evernote, Bonfyre (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Free)
  • JJ – 2Day (Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone 8, Free trial or $2.99 or $5.99 depending on device)
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Have you thought about starting a podcast of your own, or just want to take your existing podcast to the next level? Then this episode is one you will want to listen to time and time again!

In this episode JJ and Kevin were joined by the founder of, and St. Louis native, Robert Becker!

Make sure to listen as Robert goes into detail about what PodFund is, and how it came to be as a company created to help both experienced, and new podcasters alike, use crowdfunding to help fund their podcast ventures. He shared some great tips to help get started with your own campaign, why they chose vs PayPal for making and receiving payments and also spoke about his background in radio that led to this idea.

With their first campaigns getting ready to go live on March 3, tonight was a great time to help spread the word with our listeners.

We have to say thank you again to Robert Becker for being such a great guest and joining us on the STLTechTalk Podcast!

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App picks

  • Kevin - Talon for Twitter - Android, $1.99
  • Robert - Sprout Social - Android and iOS, free (but requires paid Sprout Social account)
  • Robert - QuickBooks - Android and iOS, free
  • JJ - Windows Program - Android, free
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No you are not dreaming, we recorded two episodes of the STLTechTalk Podcast this week!

Why did we record multiple episodes? Well when you have the opportunity to interview one of the greats in podcasting like Rob Greenlee, you make it happen!

In this great interview, Rob Greenlee shares what it was like working at Microsoft managing the podcast content platform for Windows Phone as well as how it came to be that he recently joined network as their Chief Technological Officer (CTO).

Also, Rob shares some tips with our audience to help them get started in the world of podcasting.

So if you are at all interested in starting your own podcast, or wondering how you can make your existing podcast better, then you will not want to miss one minute of this interview!

To hear more from Rob, head over and listen to the show he co-hosts weekly, The New Media Show.

As always, we value your feedback and any suggestions you have for future talks! Email them

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Yes we just launched the CodeCast by STLTechTalk podcast, but that does not mean we are shutting our original show down.

Oh no, we loaded this episode up with plenty of news stories from this busy week in technology.


Stories covered


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Here we are rejoined again by our good friend Gus Emery as we covered some of the news stories that caught our eye over the last week and confirmed the name of our newest podcast:

CodeCast by STLTechTalk

Launching Wednesday February 12, 2014, CodeCast by STLTechTalk has some great guests already lined up in the world of coding and developing to share tips and information on coding. Many of whom you may already know from the industry.


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Apps of the week


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