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Stories covered in this episode


Alejandro (covering for Kevin)

  • Apple releases iOS 7.1.1 to add more features to the iPhone 5S fingerprint reader, address security issues, and resolve some problems with keyboard becoming irresponsive and for users with Bluetooth keyboards and Apple’s VoiceOver screen reading technology
  • FaceTime is still unavailable for iOS 6 users with no ET
  • Apple has now launched an open beta seed program for their OS, which allows people to have pre-release access to beta builds and submit feedback at no cost. Previously you could only get this by joining the OS X Development program for $99 a year.
  • Tim Cook, Apple CEO made a statement yesterday during the latest earnings call (which by the way surpassed expectations) indicating that Apple prefers to “get it right than to be first” (Revenue came in at $45.6 billion, up from $43.6 billion a year earlier, while profit reached $10.2 billion, up from $9.5 billion a year ago.)



  • Windows OEM revenue up 4%, while Windows OEM Pro revenue up 19%Office 365 now accounts for 4.4 million subscribers, adding close to 1 million during the quarter
  • 1.2 million Xbox One consoles sold and 0.7 million Xbox 360 consoles sold
  • Surface revenue up 50% and is close to $500 million
  • Bing search share in the U.S. is up 18.6% with advertising revenue up 38%
  • Azure revenue is up over 150%
  • Windows volume licensing grew by 11%
  • Office 365 revenue is up by over 100%

Apps of the Week

  • Alejandro- NotesPlus (iOS)
  • Aubrey – Fixed (iOS)
  • Vernon – Project Tripod (Windows Phone 8)
  • JJ – Recipe Keeper (Windows Phone 8)
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In this episode, we had the chance to catch up with Andy Long who put together our STLTechTalk Windows Phone app.

We were also joined by Alejandro Ramirez who you will be seeing, and reading more from, to talk about Windows Phone 8.1 and all sorts of various topics.

We went a bit longer than usual, but when the "boss" is away, the boys will play! Unfortunately Kevin is dealing with some family emergencies and is bouncing back and forth between hospitals in St. Louis.


Stories talked about on the show

Alejandro (covering for Kevin)

  • Apple vs. Samsung vs. Apple
  • iPhone 6 Rumors
  • iOS 8 rumors: health apps and Shazam
  • Where is Mac Office 2014?
  • “4D” technology in Brazil World Cup 2014
  • “Kill Switch” coming to a device near you in 2015


  • Amazon Phone with 6 cameras
  • ONE Talks competing or complementing TED talks
  • Google Glass up for purchase
  • Heart Bleed virus
  • Office 365 69.99 for the personal side
  • Engadget: Samsung Explores a stripped down wearable device
  • VR Zone: $256 to make the Samsung Galaxy S 5
  • Windows Phone users and developers can now respond to each other in the windows store
  • PlayStation 4 leads Xbox One even as Titan Fall is the top software download in March

App picks of the week

  • Andy’s apps including:
    • park it
    • stl tech talk
    • stl traffic
    • thurrott to go
    • my product keys
  • Andy’s Pick for a new app to try is @dualshotapp or check out
  • Alejandro’s pick Maestro Flash Cards
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In this episode, we had the pleasure to speaking with Katie Nagus who is the Director of Communications for AT&T in the Greater Midwest and Northern Plains Regions.

We talked all sorts of things related to AT&T. How she feels about all the recent changes all the carriers are making in response to T-Mobile. Got her thoughts on why she prefers the in-store buying experience vs ordering service & devices online.

Also Katie talked about the AT&T fiber rollout in St. Louis.

Definitely a very interesting discussion on the state of AT&T in St. Louis and the midwest region so go ahead check it out and let us know what you think!


Links to stories mentioned on the show


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - Schmoose (Windows Phone & Android - Free) & Augusta Golf (Windows Phone - Free)
  • Katie - Runtastic Pro & Weather 2020 (iOS - $4.99 & Free)
  • JJ - mClock & Tile Genie (Windows Phone & Windows Tablets - Free)
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It is tough to argue the fact that this was a HUGE week for Microsoft.

This week Microsoft hosted thousands upon thousands of developers at the Moscone Center in San Francisco California for their annual Build conference. The Build conference is used to reward developers for all their hard work and also announce upcoming Microsoft products and services.

In Episode 27, we are joined by local St. Louis Microsoft Evangelist Bill Fink to recap what has been revealed so far at Build. We also hope to be joined by #CodeCast co-host Gus Emery live from Build to hear what his experience has been and what he thinks about what Microsoft has announced.

So if Build has you excited like we are, make sure to listen to this episode and if you want to see the demos that Bill shared, make sure to watch the video on our YouTube channel ( for playback!


Topics Covered

  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows 8.1 Update
  • Nokia Lumia 630, 635, 930
  • Azure, Visual Studio and other developer related programs


 Apps of the Week

  • Kevin – iFixit (Android, iOS, Windows Phone – Free)
  • Bill – Picture Puzzles and other apps from local St Louis dev Pig Out Productions
  • JJ – Waze (Android, iOS, Windows Phone – Free)
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