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Episode 35 marks numerous firsts.

For starters, we will be trying out a monthly STLTechTalk round table where the members of STLTechTalk get together and talk about all the hot news going on in tech.

Next, we are going to be giving more details on our new "sister" site you will be able to find at So if you know ladies that are into technology, this will be THE site for them to check out and get involved with.

Last, this also marks the last episode for Thursdays as we are going to switch to recording on Tuesday evenings beginning this Tuesday, June the 3rd! So make sure to subscribe so you do not miss a thing!


News stories talked about on this episode

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Beer lovers, have we got an awesome guest for you!

In this episode, we were thrilled to be joined by Steve Young  from to talk about his companies revolutionary product!

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to walk into a room in their home and pouring their favorite draft beer. You need plenty of space along with plenty of money to make it into something to be truly proud of. And even if you are able to have a room for this, your selection is usually fairly limited.

Now imagine being able to walk into your kitchen and pouring an ice cold pint of your favorite beer, from virtually any brewer you can think of, at any time right there on your kitchen counter.

Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it?

Tune in as we learn more about the Synek Draft System from the man with the idea himself, Steve Young.


Some news stories from this episode

  • Testimony wrapped in St. Louis court between Lyft and Metropolitan Taxi Commission
  • AT&T is actually serious about purchasing DirecTV
  • eBay warns users to change passwords after security breach
  • Nest to recall the Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm system
  • Surface Pro 3 unveiled by Microsoft
  • Apple working to fix iMessage to help people that are not receiving messages for various reasons
  • Driverless cars could cripple law enforcement budget in the US


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - Park It  - available on Windows Phone (free)
  • Alejandro - Udemy - available on iOS and Android (free)
  • Steve - Asana - available on iOS and Android (free)
  • JJ - Podcasts! & BringCast - available on Windows Phone (free & $1.49)


Special links to check out

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This week finds us live on location at the Microsoft Store in the Saint Louis Galleria as we continue with our coverage of the National Small Business Week!

JJ & Alejandro covered as much tech news as they could during the show in front of a live studio audience while Kevin is on the other side of the state in Kansas City with Gus covering the Kansas City Developer Conference.

We also want to send out a link for people looking to donate to a good cause:


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We are pumped to be joined by the Editor in Chief of, Josh Knowles!

We decided to switch gears a bit and talk some gaming on this episode so we hope you enjoy!


Some of the other stories we covered are:

- Sprint beginning to throttle top 5% of users in congested areas

- Apple close to buying Beats

- An iPhone would have cost how much back in 1991?

- Amazon opening up Sunday deliveries to 15 more cities

- New CoderGirl program starting up with Launch Code

- Microsoft & Google battle for classroom platforms in the cloud

- Microsoft has a new Ad agency named IPG

- Surface Mini to be announced on May 20


For full show notes, visit the episode page on here.

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While the boss has been away, the boys (and girl) have played. But in Episode 31 the boss is back and man is he ready to talk about some tech news.


News stories talked about in this episode

St. Louis tech news talked about


Apps of the week

  • Kevin - KMOV Weather (Android & iOS - Free) and The Weather Channel (Windows Phone, iOS & Android - Free)
  • Alejandro - Sleep Cycle (iOS - $2.99)
  • JJ - Movie Maker (Windows 8 & Windows Phone - Free)


Episode 31 is dedicated to the late Linda Harvell, mother of STLTechTalk Editor-in-Chief Kevin Harvell

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