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Yes, we know how amazing this sounds, but we are bringing you a second awesome episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast this week!

In this episode, we bring your Vice President of Sales, Pat Hawn from MarketVolt which is based right here in St. Louis Mo!

Some known clients that use MarketVolt's services include:

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens
  • St. Louis Science Center
  • Fontbonne University

To learn more about MarketVolt, head over to

Also make sure to head over to to see what webinars MarketVolt offers

About our guest

Pat Hawn is the Vice President of Sales at MarketVolt, an interactive marketing agency specializing in email marketing, where he’s helped over 350 businesses and non-profits of all sizes and across the country with their marketing programs since 2011.

With a varied background ranging from Collegiate Volleyball Coach to Car Rental Expert, Door to Door Salesman to Disc Jockey, Pat brings a unique perspective on business growth and prospect engagement to help you better understand how to leverage online, social media and email resources to grow your organization.

Pat is also on the Board with the St. Louis Chapter of the American Marketing Association as well as being involved with a number of other chambers and associations across the region.

You can connect with Pat the following ways:


News stories discussed


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In this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we bring you Wesley Hoffman from!

If you have yet to hear about what the Treehouse Networkshop is all about, now is your chance to hear what you are missing! Wesley and his team are doing some amazing things here in St. Louis with these monthly meetups around the St. Louis area.

Looking for something to do Wednesday, September 24?

Stop by their next gathering at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company to see what the fuss is all about! You can get your tickets for this event here.

To connect with Wesley, you can do so the following ways:


Also, you can read what our very own Ciara Brewer thought about her experiences at recent Treehouse Networkshop gatherings here.


About our guest

Wesley Hoffman believes in the power of meeting people in person. After a few years of working in customer service and sales, across several different industries, he decided to follow his true passion: connecting and motivating people. Available for speaking engagements, team building sessions, sales & customer service consulting, business development or recruiting, check out the blog for a more in-depth, real-life look at his thoughts and vision.

You can also find him on most Friday nights serving up some of the best donuts in St. Louis at Strange Donuts and you can also hear him co-hosting the #StrangeHouse Podcast!


Stories discussed

  • Might police officers be able to use a device to determine who is texting while driving similar to how they check if drivers are speeding?
  • Recap of Strange Loop
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On this episode of the STLTechTalk Podcast, we speak with two crucial members of GirlsAskGuys, co-founder & CEO Tolga Tanriseven & Director of Development, Leandro Mencias!

GirlsAskGuys, in case you are unfamiliar, is a digital community founded in St. Louis that works by connecting girls and guys to help each other by sharing their experiences & opinions.

Make sure to head over to to see what is taking the internet by storm and growing at a rapid pace!


About our guests

  • Tolga Tanriseven is the co-founder and CEO of GirlsAskGuys, a digital community connecting girls and guys to help each other by sharing their experiences & opinions. Tolga was born in Turkey and moved to US, St. Louis, in 2001 to receive his graduate degree in computer engineering at SIUE. Tolga also recently wrote an article on regarding leadership.
  • Leandro Mencias is the Director of Development for GirlsAskGuys and leads a team of 8 people out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


News stories discussed

  • Registration for St. Louis Days of Dot Net is open!
  • We've added the weekly Missouri Outline video to our site
  • StartLouis, ITEN, 1 Million Cups and the benefits of networking
  • Women in Gaming at the recent Pixel Pop Festival
  • Microsoft purchases Minecraft for $2.5 Billion
  • Microsoft to officially unveil the next version of Windows on September 30
  • OneNote lands on the Android Wear smartwatch platform and works great!
  • Apple sells a record number of pre-orders for their iPhone 6  & iPhone 6 Plus release

Special thanks to our sponsors, Heartland Realty & UNIDEV for their continued support of the STLTechTalk Podcast!

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Did you know that the recent Kickstarter campaign from Synek Draft System was the most successful campaign by a St. Louis company ever?

Steve Young from Synek Draft System, returns to the STLTechTalk Podcast to talk about his experience with running a successful Kickstarter campaign along with where how things are going overall in the world of Synek since his last appearance with us.

To learn more about the Synek Draft System, make sure to visit their website at

Click here to view their successful Kickstarter page.


About our guest

In 2013, St. Louis native Steve Young (Founder of SYNEK™) started to take sharp notice of the craft beer industry as a stock market analyst. He wanted to know how the craft beer industry was making these great strides and what risk factors could cause it to become a ‘bubble’ like the industry saw in the 1990s. Steve began to travel the U.S. to talk to the top craft breweries and home brewing associations to learn everything that was impacting the industry right from the source.

As he continued to speak with industry experts, he was shocked to see the severity of the issue and wondered why nobody had taken the opportunity to address it before. Steve was so moved by the brewers’ intense frustration that he quit his job to assemble the best beer engineering team in the world and implement a solution to this beer packaging epidemic.


Apple news recap

There was also a little event by Apple today in which they unveiled information about the next versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. They also unveiled their smartwatch, the Apple Watch.

We will be discussing this news after the guest interview finishes, so stay tuned!


App picks of the week

  • Alejandro - Brightest Flashlight (Windows Phone - Free)
  • Kevin - Amtrak (Android, iOS, Windows Phone - Free)



Also, make sure to tune in as we will have details on how you can win a Jawbone Mini Jambox from STLTechTalk courtesy of our friends at AT&T! You will have to listen to the episode to get details on how to enter!

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In this special episode, we are joined by the hosts of the App Business Podcast, Chris Chidgey and David Pfahler.

If you are an app developer and want to learn more about how to do app development as a business, you will want to make sure and add the App Business Podcast to your podcast listening rotation. After our shows that is ;-).

To learn more about the App Business Podcast, simply visit the official page at


About our guests

  • Chris Chidgey is an ex-9-5er turned mobile apps hustler. Gets excited about app monetization, and tools and strategies for increasing engagement and retention. Has a not-so-secret crush on the mobile apps industry and is inspired by the minds that are joining this exploding market. Chris is the founder of BGB Island Apps and Co-Founder of new Mobile App Diagnostics service App Jetpack.

    You can connect with Chris below, via or on Twitter @chidgeychris

  • David is Co-Founder of excellenteasy, a mobile startup focused on web technology. With a strong focus on execution, efficiency and process – David is usually good for a book recommendation or 3 on the podcast.

    You can connect with David below, via or on Twitter @davidpfahler

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Join us as we talk with one of the co-founders of the upcoming startup conference, Startup Voodoo, which will be held at Ballpark Village in St. Louis on September 25, 2014.

Want to know more about Startup Voodoo & if you should make sure you attend or not? Make sure to visit for more information about the conference.


About our guest

Some six years ago, Aaron Perlut founded startup digital marketing and public relations firm Elasticity, and has since worked with numerous startups and startup ecosystems to help them build reputation. Aaron is also a co-founder of the first regional improvement focused crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform, Rally Saint Louis, as well as being a longtime contributor to Forbes, VentureBeat and among other media outlets.


News stories discussed on the show

  • Shop at Home Depot recently? May want to take a look at your financial statements.


App picks of the week

  • Kevin - AR Flashcards Shapes & Colors (iOS & Android - $2.99)
  • JJ - Databot (Windows Phone - Free)
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